Mt.Babadag(1970m)(6500 ft) offers the best and safest paragliding site in Europe.This is the best way to see Blue Lagoon with a bird's eye.

You will go up to taking off place by transfer trucks. After informing about the safety rules from your pilot, you will glide about 40 minutes(average) over the Blue Lagoon(dead sea), Fethiye and Butterfly Valley. During the flight you will experience exciting 360 degrees turns, wingovers and even thermal flows that may extend the descent.

Paragliding flights vary in duration and it is not possible to guarantee a specific flight time due to the changeable nature of the wind and general weather conditions.

The paragliding companies only fly in conditions that allow them to launch and land safely. Safety always comes first! All pilots are professionals with years of mount Babadag paragliding (parascending) experience. You are insured from the moment you get on the transport truck that will take you to the launch site to the landing on Ölüdeniz beach. Landing on the Ölüdeniz beach is as easy as taking off from Babadag Mountain - no rapid decline but just a gentle touch down. 

You can do PARAGLIDING all year round according to weather conditons.